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Facial Pricing

Clean mindful beauty is the philosophy behind our facials and LED light therapy - helping you to glow inside and out.

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Remedial Facial Sculpting

Perfect for tight and sore muscles around the jaw, neck and shoulders. Relieves symptoms of TMJ, clenching, grinding, sinus and lymphatic sluggishness.

When applied as a facial beauty treatment, Remedial Facial Sculpting massage can reduce facial puffiness, increase the overall health and vitality of the skin on your face as well as increase jaw and cheekbone definition and widen the appearance of the eye area.

New Client            Returning Client

90 mins                            60 mins
$165                                  $145


Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture | ‘Natural Botox’

Glowing Honey Skin…

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture (FRA) is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been a popular treatment in Asia for centuries. FRA works by increasing collagen production and assisting with skin elasticity and plumpness naturally for a glowing complexion.

As a non invasive treatment it requires no down time and naturally increases skin health -  smoothing out fine lines, reducing wrinkles, puffiness, saggy skin, dullness, hydration and skin texture. The acu-points targeted will stimulate your bodies lymph and circulatory system to naturally detox and deliver oxygen and vital nutrients to your bodies largest organ…your skin.

Together with LED Light Therapy which is incorporated in with your Facial Acupuncture sessions, you will look younger, healthier and more radiant almost instantly.

New Client            Returning Client

90 mins                            60 mins
$165                                  $145


LED Light Therapy for your skin… preventing wrinkles & acne, reversing sun damage and assisting with anti-aging & beautification

Research has shown that phototherapy can: increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair, decrease wrinkles, decrease inflammation, improve skin tone and wrinkles, texture and clarity, increase production of collagen & elastin and kill acne bacteria, and much more.

LED Light Therapy will help your cell tissue regenerate, healing naturally from the inside out - and it’s safe to use daily.

30 mins or 12 x 30 mins

$65 $660



Lymphatic | Detox Massage - add on’s to your Remedial Facial Sculpting for a thorough spa experience.


lymphatic drainage massage

60 mins


Lymphatic Drainage Massage - A great way to purge your body of waste and toxins.

Many people love this style of massage to assist with the removal of cellulite, inflammation, swelling, puffiness, to improve circulation, overall immunity and skin health.

Lymphatic massage is the ideal treatment for any post surgery swelling.

As an example - post liposuction, breast augmentation, face and neck lift or any surgical cosmetic treatment. (Lymphatic massage is often recommended by surgeons two weeks after treatment)

detox massage

60 mins



Detox Massage - Offering the best of both worlds, this massage is a fusion of remedial benefits and lymphatic detoxification.

Whilst working into your muscles fibres to release tension, knots and tightness your therapist will also apply reinvigorating techniques that assist; your bodies lymph glands to naturally purge itself of toxins, reduce blockages, increase chi energy flow and improve the overall health of your immune system and the bodies largest organ - the skin.

A wonderfully satisfying and energising massage for when you're feeling tired, tight, sore and stagnant with wonderful skin health benefits - and oh so perfect for those Winter and Autumnal months when your bodies natural tendency to hibernate causes aches, pains, dryness and puffiness.


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