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Osteopathy Pricing

With more than 15 years experience as an Osteopath in Bondi Junction, Gary has invaluable experience in treating the most common back and neck complaints to more severe nerve problems and long term diseases.

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follow-up osteopathic consultation

30 mins

Most injuries and conditions may require several visits. At the time of your initial consultation, your Osteopath will recommend the optimal treatment plan to assist you back to full health.


follow-up osteopathic consultation plus dry needling

45 mins

Dry Needling can assist and speed up the healing process. If your condition can benefit from Dry Needling your Osteopath will recommend it to you as part of the treatment plan. Please advise your Osteopath if you are uncomfortable with acupuncture needles.


initial osteopathic consultation - new client only

60 mins

At your initial osteopathic consultation your posture and movement problems are assessed by your Osteopath, and then, treatment is applied firstly to reduce your pain and discomfort and then to improve the way your body physically functions.

Whether you are being treated for back aches or headaches, tendonitis or sciatica, your treatment will be tailored to your condition and your Osteopath will apply from a broad range of techniques the most suitable for your condition.


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