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Our Story

MO+ Wellness, serving in Bondi Junction since 2007

Founder - Barbara Choy

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MO+ Since 2007



We approach our business in the same way as we live our lives - with passion, integrity and a genuine interest and desire to help others. A big part of that is the incredible knowledge and skill that each of our practitioners hold, but another part of it is keeping it uncomplicated.

It is important for us to make meaningful and impactful contributions to the lives of people with whom we come into contact, whether it be our customers or our team of passionate Natural Health Practitioners. We do our best to support the welfare of our planet, with deliberate and purposeful intent so that future generations can enjoy it as we have. We encourage community, collaboration and support local - through sourcing and working with local suppliers with a shared vision. We are inclusive and authentic, disrupting the wellness norm and doing it our way.

At the core of all this, what is the most important part of all of this? To enjoy what we do, and have as much fun as we can along the way.

If we had a motto, it would be.

Work hard and be nice to people...