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‘Natural Botox’: Everything you need to know about the next big thing in beauty

By Carina Rossi

9Honey, Style Editor / October 15 2019

These days searching for the antidote to ageing has become big business. From Botox to fillers to lifts and laser treatments, if looking younger is your goal there are plenty of ways to spend a lot of your money chasing a plumper appearance. But the (now) 'traditional' anti-ageing, appearance-altering treatments have a way of making everyone look a little same-same, so what's the alternative?

Natural Botox.

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Beauty Gets Mindful

By Kelsey Ferencak

Body+Soul, Beauty Editor / September 22 2019

Use your me-time to restore your mind and your skin. The hottest new treatments blend age-old mindfulness practices with modern beauty techniques.

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Urban List

12 Of The Best Places To Get A Massage In Sydney

By Jessica Best

Urban List, Writer / September 20 2019

First-time visitors to MO+ tend to become lifetime clients—this natural wellness centre is simply that good.

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People / Round Up

By Ellen Presbury

Russh, Market & Beauty Director / September 16 2019

A facial that also sculpts the face and releases muscle tension is perfect for me, as I hold all my tension in my jaw, neck and shoulders.




‘I Tried Natural Botox’

Because – yes – I am too afraid of the real thing

By Anna Saunders

Primer, Editor / August 9 2019

Am I the only one not getting Botox? That’s the question I found myself asking after coffee with a former colleague recently. My friend, who is 10 years younger than me, arrived completely free of make-up – yet still looking fresh-faced and gorgeous, as I told her. “Oh,” she said, casually. “I’ve been having Botox between my eyebrows for years.”

She is, I think, 28.




Could Myofascial Release Be The Solution To Stress?

Turns out, our fascia has a lot to do with how we unwind.

By Ashleigh Austen

Whimn, Beauty Editor / July 25,2019

When it comes to paying someone to help you de-stress, beyond seeing a psychologist a massage is the gold standard in professional self-care.

Sure, a facial is nice, and getting your nails done can make you feel more put together, but there’s nothing quite like having an hour dedicated solely to you and your body.

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Beauty Crew

“I tried this pain-free treatment to achieve glowing skin”

By Iantha Yu

Beauty Crew, Beauty Editor / June 21 2019

In my quest for glowing skin, I’ve tried upgrading my skin care to more nourishing formulas, switching up my foundation for something more luminous, and applying highlighter to my cheeks for an instant radiant effect… but I’d never considered something like cosmetic acupuncture, which promises to do the same, but with long-term benefits.

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