A Greener world through WildHart

Creative Solutions contributing to social and enterprise consciousness

How do we contribute to a better world through our business?

How do we benefit everyone? the environment? the community? How do we save ourselves and nourish our spirits? How do we create a greater future for generations to appreciate?

These are questions I’ve explored over the last 10 years of being in business but even more so over the last 18 months and in close collaboration with good friend SUPERLOCALSTUDIO*.

On a purely personal level, I have found these questions to be more and more relevant to the everyday and I now find myself connecting with more like minded entrepreneurs who’s interest are not purely about business as usual.

The answers to these questions came when I realised, we do not have to make grand plans, but just small gestures. Every one of us can make a small gesture, and no matter how insignificant, it still adds to the overall whole.

Our Project hART campaign started in 2017, (Creating Healthy Art #creatinghART, raising awareness of emotional wellness in the fitness industry) and was by far, one of the most personally fulfilling and fun filled campaigns of the year.

After much musing, my inspired action and hope, is to encourage creative solutions as a thought leader and responsibly contribute to social and enterprise consciousness in a greener and gentler way.

Thus our Signature WildHart Massage and Nature Room was conceived - a tribute to the restorative healing powers of nature on the human condition, an ode to #interiorrewilding and a small gesture to the overall whole.

*SUPERLOCALSTUDIO is a space that enables the creation of thoughtful practices. Founded by Liane Rossler, this initiative creates a place for sustainable and considered design practice, with an approach that engages art, design, environment and culture.