Your New Favourite Facial Has Landed at MO+.

When something ticks all three of the below boxes for us, we know we are onto something pretty special:

1. Good for you? Tick!
2. Makes you look like a million dollars aka gives you ‘glowing holiday skin’? Tick!
3. Sends you into a trance like state of pure relaxation? Tick!

So without further ado, we would like to formally introduce you to the newest wellness offering at MO+ (drum roll please)... our Remedial Facial Sculpting. The penultimate in achieving that glowing holiday skin you have been craving all winter long (because let’s face it, we can’t all just jet off to the Italian coast the minute Sydney’s cool weather descends upon us).

While the title ‘Remedial Facial Sculpting’ may have you believe this new skin (and muscle) lifesaver is all about the face, our practitioner, Emiko, is actually concentrating on all those key areas and muscles that play strategically into the faces structure and contouring. Post cleanse, Emiko’s deep remedial style massage works on muscles from the décolletage upwards, releasing tension here, then moving onto the shoulders and neck, shortly before arriving at the face itself. This, right here, is why we can’t position our Remedial Facial Sculpting as a tried and true facial experience - it goes deeper than that (figuratively and literally).

Releasing the muscles in each of these key areas works to eliminate tensions that can play out in jaw clenching, TMJ (think: inflamed joint at your jaw bone), grinding and… scarily enough, changes in the way our face actually looks.

So where does my glowing holiday skin come in, I hear you ask.

Once these muscles are released, the Remedial Facial Sculpting moves onto a systematic detoxification process. This works on the facial skin through lymphatic drainage, firm remedial muscle work in and around the jaw line, cheekbones, sinus region, eye orbital area, forehead and scalp. In the same way we tend to treat ourselves to remedial massage for the body, our Remedial Facial Sculpting assists the bodies natural system, most specifically upwards of your décolletage to more efficiently detoxify and bring blood and oxygen flow to your skin.

Emiko explains that “a lethargic lymphatic system in the face can create poor internal functioning habits and will often reflect in physical skin conditions – blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles and the like. Our approach works to remove adhesions in the muscles. Moving up from the décolletage, into the neck and then the face and head, stimulating through movement and pressure, the self-restoration process, promoting better nutrition absorption.”


Throw in thirty minutes of LED Light Therapy and what is the result? Healthy, vital facial skin that looks fresh and glowing. Yes, please!

What not to expect from our Remedial Facial Sculpting?
A band-aid effect. While we love a deep cleanse, tone and hydration as much as the next - the benefits can too often be surface level and somewhat transient in their results.

With a recommended frequency of once per week for the first month, followed by a once a month treatment for maintenance, our goal is to help you reduce puffiness and sagging around the face and eyes, slim down the jaw line, tighten and lift the cheekbones, widen the eye region and of course, hydrate the skin from the inside out. In effect, you are re-training those muscles that may have lost some of their pizzazz a few years back when you first started staring with great ferocity into your computer screen (don’t worry, we’re all as guilty as the next!).