We Or Me? Finding Ourselves In This World Of “Wellness”.

For some time now, as I flick through my social feed, I see pictures of young boys and girls laying inside infrared saunas, spending their time at Bondi Beach doing yoga or posting recipes on veganism with endless hashtags on self-love, soul care and wellbeing. I find myself asking “do we live in an age where people truly have an understanding of what it means to be well, without dis-ease or stresses. Or is it purely the age of me-ism?”.

 Is what feels good and what is good one in the same?
Within over a decade of experience in the wellness space, constantly observing, learning, growing and asking, I would be inclined to say… no. They aren’t.

 Selfcare is more than getting up a sweat, having a facial, a mani-pedi, a candle lit bath or drinking kombucha. While these are all wonderful pursuits that bring much joy to our lives and definitely worthy of our time and resources (many of which I personally indulge in), I believe that self-care starts somewhere a little deeper… deep inside, making its way outwards and we grow and become more self-aware. In a way, it is an abundance mind-set, where there is plenty for all and your attitude moves from ‘I’ to ‘we’ - the collective.

 The key difference between what feels good and what is good is the origin of the activity. We’re all guilty of choosing wellness activities because they are trending on Insta or because our body is a temple Monday through Friday, but only because we are making up for the great undoing over the weekend. However, perhaps for the month of August, I urge you to try wellness that starts at the core.

Choose a wellness because it nourishes your soul and brings you into balance, allowing you to carry a higher vibration and energy into the world around you. Choose a wellness that makes it a better place for you, your loved ones and everyone you come across during your day. That, right there, is how you become a very well being.

 What’s heartening is that this explosion of wellness presents so many opportunities for people to connect with their higher selves and consequently each other in a powerful, nurturing way. It’s truly heartening to see the next generation taking this in their stride, bringing it into their lives, whether subconsciously or otherwise.

 I guess that’s why I’ve always been such a fan of balancing the equation, finding a way to have both - feel indulgent in long languid massages and lush facial oils. Take an hour to enjoy a detoxing facial treatment or light therapy, just as I know I do. Partner each and every wellness activity with a push to create a world that is better, even through the most intimate personal experience of self love.