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Getting Summer Ready With A Massage? Don't Mind If We Do!

Call us slaves to the warmer weather, we are certainly rejoicing at the fact that we are waking up with more frequency to sunny skies and the prospect of taking our physical activity outdoors. However, here at MO+ we’re taking a minute to think about what we need to do to ensure we stay injury free before cycling around Centennial Park, diving into Bronte Baths (we know, we know – diving at Bronte Baths is a no-no) or upping our heart rate with that early AM jog from Bondi to Coogee. 

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We Or Me? Finding Ourselves In This World Of “Wellness”.

For some time now, as I flick through my social feed, I see pictures of young boys and girls laying inside infrared saunas, spending their time at Bondi Beach doing yoga or posting recipes on veganism with endless hashtags on self-love, soul care and wellbeing. I find myself asking “do we live in an age where people truly have an understanding of what it means to be well, without dis-ease or stresses. Or is it purely the age of me-ism?”.

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