How To Prep For Your Spring Clean (and we're not talking about for your house).

With spring right around the corner, it’s safe to say we are now well and truly yearning for a spot of warmer weather. While we have had glimpses of days that comprise almost wholly of sunshine, blue skies and birds chirping, these are swiftly intercepted by below 18 degrees cold snaps (yes - in Sydney that is a cold snap), grey skies and a call, once again, to haul out our winter best (just when you thought you could slip back into sandals and some linen).

Winter tends to see us hibernate indoors. With the great indoors comes copious heating, chemicals emitted from cooking (and less fresh air to cycle it through), dry and irritated skin (often a by product of the aforementioned heating), plus a slow moving lymphatic system (ensue colds, coughs and everything in between). While a deep red wine next to the fireplace definitely conjures all of the romantic feels, we think our bodies are ready for that September to November spring energy that signals the beginning of balmier times ahead.

So, knowing that spring will well and truly be upon us within a matter of weeks, we are starting to think about how we can “prep” for our spring clean (and no, we are not talking about cleaning out our wardrobes). Think: prepping glowing holiday skin with a natural alternative to botox, prepping the body with deep, relaxing body massages to get that lymphatic system moving and muscles stretched, prepping the mind by setting health and wellness goals through clarifying, necessary “me” time aimed at rebooting the system (mentally and physically).

Our ‘Spring Clean’ treatment plan will be in your inboxes come September. However, for now we wanted to share a few easy tips and tricks about preparing the mind, body and soul in the lead up to your Spring Clean.
As with any new phase, it’s time to set some goals. These goals don’t need to be hard and fast, but rather guidelines upon which you can build a wellness framework to drag into spring with you. Whether they be for the mind, body or soul - it is imperative to start getting yourself on the right path - know what you want to achieve, and how you are going to get there. In the same way that you set goals for work and exercise, set goals for your overall health and wellness. When it comes to seeking out wellness based treatments, use the following questions to start building your framework:

What is currently happening within my body? Am I experiencing any sickness or ailments?
How would I like my body to feel moving into spring?
What is happening on the surface of my skin? What are my major skincare concerns?
What can I do to target these skincare concerns from the inside out?
What is going on with my muscles? How do they feel?
What can I do to kickstart these to aid more beneficial exercise sessions?

Once you have set your goals, start to make wellness plans. Think about where your goals have landed you and the actions you need to take to make these a reality. When we touched on dreamy warm days that are quickly (and frequently) slashed by less than desirable frosty mornings, we know how easy it is to cancel plans in favour of Netflix and chill. However, this is where we are getting firm with you - let go of the excuses and stick to your plans. Whether it be a yoga class, a coastal run, a Remedial Facial Treatment, a myofascial massage or a LED Light Therapy session, book (even pay) in advance and know that this is the time (and money) you have committed to meeting your wellness goals.

Addiction? Or just a good old habit? While addiction is often seen as an affliction, habits, on the other hand, can take a more positive spin. In the context of your wellness journey, think of a habit as a learned behaviour that can be hugely beneficial to building a lifestyle led by making healthy, conscious decisions that become part of your everyday. Habits are built by repetitive behaviours, so this is where “sticking it to your excuses” will aid in consistently hitting your goals.

So last, but certainly not least, we are all about balance. Eating well, exercising regularly, drinking those two litres of water a day and cutting down on alcohol have become your 80%. Well done! However, with your 80% ticking along nicely, always offset this with a bit of indulgence and time out. Go on, have that glass of wine, or a couple of pieces of chocolate and if your body is asking for it, take a day (or two) out from exercising. Balance is the sure fire way to enjoying life.